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Architect: Hartman Cox

Owner: JBG Company

General Contractor: Tishman Construction Company

Precast Erector: EDI, LLC

This magnificent headquarters building was constructed adjacent to a National Historical Landmark – The Pope Building, which is located off the National Mall in Washington, DC. The Pope Building’s facade is made of very ornate cut limestone. Our project’s design was to replicate this patterned building in terms of section and style – creating an extremely ornate and difficult precast building. Through our detailed plaster modeling process, we were able to construct these difficult sections and profiles in an extremely accurate and precise manner.

This award winning project consisted of 55,000 square feet of buff acid-etch precast and 565 panels. The erection was completed one month ahead of schedule with almost zero remedial connections (which is not only a testament to Arban & Carosi but also the entire construction team). This project was precast-award Triple-Crown winner, receiving an APA Design & Manufacturing Excellence Award, PCI Design Award & WBC Craftsmanship Award. Beyond all the awards, this project is a great example (particularly in such a prominent location) of architectural precast at its finest!