Arban & Carosi’s experience is truly evident through our 90 years of work in many locations and in all aspects of architectural precast concrete.

We have completed projects as far north as Boston, MA, as far south as Charlotte, NC and as far west as West Virginia. The majority of our work is always focused in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area.

We have experience in all the cladding precast facades: Brick-Clad, Stone-Clad, Terracotta-Clad, etc. We completed the National Press Building in 1982, which was the first brick-clad precast façade done in Washington, DC. Since then we have completed projects with both soap (1/2 bricks) brick-clad panels, including the EPA Headquarters (Potomac Yard) and National Capital Region Relocation Administrative Facility. We have also completed projects with thin (tile brick) brick-clad panels, including Franklin Square Hospital and Potomac Yard Marriott.  We have also worked on many stone-clad (and terracotta-clad) projects over our long history, including Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Headquarters and Capital View OB.

Doing much of our work in the DC area, particularly working closely with the government, has allowed us to be part of many other aspects of the architectural precast concrete trade.  We have vast experience in Blast Resistant Precast Cladding.  We have completed more blast-resistant precast projects than any other single producer in the country.  Some of our blast-resistant precast projects are: International Monetary Fund, Victory Center, Patriots Park and New Campus East.  Many of these projects also include a fast-track schedule.

In recent years and due, in part, to the new LEED incentive, we have completed many re-clad precast projects – where the existing façade is removed and replaced with a new “skin.” In 2001 we began work on Potomac Center, a structure that we originally clad in the 1960’s and then re-clad with new precast. We have also re-clad existing government buildings with new blast-resistant precast panels, including 1500 Tyson Boulevard, and Victory Center.