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Architect: KBAS Joint Venture

Owner: United States Government

General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction

In March of 2006, Balfour Beatty, then known as Centex Construction, came to Arban & Carosi about partnering with them to build a monument to those you were killed in the terrorist attacks at the Pentagon on 9/11.

We met with the Architect, who was a professor at Columbia, to see if we could meet the tight tolerances both architecturally and mechanically to act as the base for 184 monuments on the Pentagon’s South lawn, where the plane hit the Pentagon. Two years later we began fabrication on the magnificent base monument to the 184 men and women who perished on that sad day. The model for the base was hand craved out of clay, from which we made a rubber mold to cast the monument bases.

There is not a building in our resume’ that will mean more to the men and women of Arban & Carosi who were responsible for this beautiful and meaningful memorial