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Architect: SOM Joint Venture

Owner: LCOR, Inc

General Contractor: Turner Construction Co.

Precast Erector: Erection Associates, LTD

In early 2000, we begin working as a design-assist partner (though it wasn’t called that back then) with Turner Construction on this mega-project consisting of 2050 panels and 180,000 square feet of architectural precast across five office buildings and two parking garages. After a year working with Turner and SOM on the precast design, we knew we had a landmark project.

The office buildings are located in a horseshoe shape with the largest building located at the heel. Precast column covers and spandrel clad the first two floors of all the buildings while only the building elevations on the inside of the horseshoe are completely clad with precast. The precast panels on these elevations were predominately large window units with three precast finishes: an off-white acid-etch, an off-white sandblast & a grey acid-etch. The grill area (grey ribbed portion) was done through a composite mold of concrete and rubber in order to allow proper release.

The project also featured a large amount of interior precast in the atrium of the large building. The interior precast is highlighted by a waterfall on the sides of the south entrance.

While the façades on the campus have a bit of every building material: brick, metal panels, and windows – the precast on the inside of the horseshoe is what really captures the visitor’s attention. Everyone at Arban & Carosi is very proud to be a part of this project.