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Architect: Michael Graves Architect/DMJM Design Joint Venture

Owner: JBG Company

General Contractor: The Clark Construction Group, Inc.

Precast Erector: E.E. Marr Erectors

This Micheal Graves designed mega-project (two large buildings) located in Washington, DC consisted of 2000 panels and 400,000 square feet of architectural precast. Due to the scale & schedule of the project, it was joint-ventured with another precast plant which created additional challenges. The end result is a beautiful multi-color façade with dramatic depth and profile changes.

The finishes of the project were all an acid-etch finishes. The colors were achieved using a combination pigments and colored sands. This allowed us to provide the most consistent and vibrant precast color.

The façade also included free-standing round columns which had to be cast as separate panels, connected in our yard and erected through holes in the precast parapet. This complex feature creates a grand element unique to most buildings.

This project, while massive in scale, is one of the best examples of the versatility of architectural precast.